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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2019

Strangest UFO Reports Are “Intelligent” Plasmas

by: Dr. Greg Little

The History Channel’s new series on ufos (called “Unidentified”) has created a lot of excitement in the field. The show appears to have focused on the most credible—and inexplicable—cases. They are mainly military-related cases, including several that were earlier investigated by the UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD). In 2006 the MoD declassified and released a 460-page, multi-volume report on UFO activity over the UK between 1996 to December 2000. Over 10,000 eyewitness reports were evaluated in the volume, entitled the Condign Report.

Condign asserted that no UFO reports represent alien craft. While there is evidence that experimental craft from friendly nations (the US) are the source of some UFO reports, the Condign Report asserts that not a single case involves alien technology or alien craft. In addition, the report hints about "exotic technologies" that are being used by the military for research. Some of these exotic technologies are associated with plasma-produced phenomena.

Secondly, the Condign Report utilizes the term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) rather than UFO because the term better describes the findings. In brief, the core of the strangest and most compelling UAP reports involve plasmas floating and moving through the atmosphere. These energy forms interact with human percipients and physical objects in their vicinity. Such plasma-produced phenomena can leave burn marks on the ground and radiation burns on people who are in close proximity, but leave no other physical traces behind. The report asserted that not a single case of radiation traces or artifacts left behind have ever been found in the UK following UFO cases.

Third, the Condign Report lends credence to the idea that military research has been conducted on the application of plasma technology in both the former Soviet Union and in the US. The technology has, in fact, been studied for use as a battlefield weapon and most successfully as a decoy. In brief, what is asserted is that when the military became aware that genuine ufo cases involved plasma phenomena, they began research to not just attempt to understand the phenomenon, but to exploit it. This research has gone much further than is commonly known. For example, plasmas can be produced that can be picked up by sophisticated radar, can be visually apparent, can move at any speed, and are not subject to normal flight mechanics. They can take various shapes and morph into one or multiple objects. One area of military research on plasmas has involved the production of plasmas to create radar decoys. However, the plasma decoys are “real” but not solid in the sense of normal craft.

Alternate Perceptions' Longstanding Interest In Plasma UFOs

Beginning in 1984 in the book, The Archetype Experience, I began asserting that the mysterious light phenomena associated with UFOs was a natural earth energy. In my 1990 book, People of the Web and the 1994 book Grand Illusions, I detailed the idea that the core of the UFO phenomena was caused by plasma phenomena generated by natural energies often caused by tectonic strain. The energies associated with plasmas could be channeled, produced, and sometimes controlled through the use of stone and earth-formed structures and geometric shapes constructed at locations with specific geological attributes. But to view these plasmas as a simple ball of charged particles or a ball of energy would be misleading and inaccurate. Over the years, I and many others have carefully detailed a number of research outcomes that point to the plasmas having an intelligence of their own.

This fact was essentially proven in a series of experiments by Dr. Harley Rutledge of Southeast Missouri State University and detailed in his 1981 book “Project Identification.” In Andrew Collins’ 2012 book “LightQuest,” I wrote an extensive introduction explaining Rutledge’s research findings as well as similar research from other areas of the country. The Introduction can be read for free on Amazon.

In the 1990s, while we were still in print form, Alternate Perceptions published a series of articles on the plasma phenomenon. These included comments from Brent Raynes, articles by Greg Long, and myself. In our Winter 1996 issue, I detailed 10 major characteristics of the plasma phenomenon. These included, 1) That the phenomenon has been observed throughout recorded history; 2) That observers of the phenomenon interpret it consistently within their culture; 3) That it involves powerful electromagnetic fields; 4) That experimentation on the electromagnetic fields produced by plasmas shows that they influence brain processes; 5) That the abduction phenomenon is related to changes in specific brain areas that are effected by the electromagnetic fields; 6) That "genuine" UFOs are plasmas; 7) That witnesses to these plasma events who are close to the phenomena have their brain chemistry effected; 8) That there are pre-existing genetic differences in people who encounter plasma phenomena—producing different perceptions among individuals who observe the “same” phenomena; 9) That percipients of the plasma phenomena are culturally presensitized—that is predisposed to interpret the phenomena within their belief system, and; 10) That the phenomena has an intelligence of its own. The 1992 discovery of the mineral magnetite in the human brain was one critical piece to the theory.

The Condign Report asserts that the powerful electromagnetic fields produced by the plasmas affect brain chemistry producing what is today known as the abduction scenario. The report goes on to relate that research in neuropsychology has shown that this is the case. 

There are several complications in getting the field of ufology to take the intelligent plasma theory seriously. First and foremost is that the word “plasma” is linked to early skeptics of UFOs. Plasma is a “dirty” word in ufology. However, the term was not really understood when it was proposed in the 1960s as an explanation of some UFOs. Since that time, it has been found that plasmas may well be an alternative form of sentient life. In addition, for most people in the ufo field, they have a strong preference toward a specific explanation. Most people want to believe that ufos are extraterrestrial craft. On the other hand, skeptics want to believe that there is nothing important there at all. But the truth is that there has been a long-running series of research studies performed on plasmas by government-funded labs. The research began in the 1940s and continues to this day.

Back in the early 1990s, I obtained over 3000 articles on how electromagnetic fields affect biochemical processes. At the same time I began seeing highly specialized research studies on how electromagnetic fields affected genetics and perceptual processes—and these were published in military journals available only in certain repository libraries. The electromagnetic fields created in many of these studies were produced by plasmas. I gradually became aware that a wide-ranging study of the phenomena was being funded by US agencies in a piecemeal fashion. That is, hundreds of labs located in universities were funded to perform narrow-scope research investigating a single aspect of the phenomenon. But none of the labs, apparently, conducted research on the entire phenomenon. That is when I stumbled on published research where plasmas were created that could be picked up on radar. But the research on the mental effects plasmas had on their observers was of more interest to me. In truth, the neurological effects of different frequency strengths, in various frequencies, are now fairly well-known. In essence, what has now happened is that a new era in UFO research has dawned. But it’s not all that obvious to the mainstream UFO field. Plasma research is actually far easier to conduct than most people would expect, and if ufologists would put aside their preconceived beliefs for the moment, a lot could be accomplished.

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