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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2019

Mexican Plane controlled by UFOs; later MIB interference?

by: Brent Raynes

On the morning of May 3, 1975, a commercial pilot named Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel, flying a small Piper PA-24, employed by a company known as Pelletier, S.A., flew out of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, headed for Mexico City. Over Tequesquitengo, Morelos, he changed direction to head for Mexico City, coming to magnetic course 004. Within approximately 3 or 4 seconds after the course change, he had some kind of sense that something was close to his left wing. Glancing to his left, he was startled to observe an oval-shaped dark gray craft close to his left wing. In its upper portion it appeared to have a control cockpit covered with a dark glass windshield.

Unbelievably, another 3-4 seconds more, he felt something was on the right side, and sure enough it was the same type of craft. He admitted that he became very nervous, to the point of crying. “It was like having a strange dream or hallucinations becoming real,” he later recalled. “I mention this because I have never drunk alcoholic beverages, never smoked, and never consumed any drugs.” A few seconds later, and then a third identical craft suddenly appeared out in front of his airplane. “It was similar to somebody throwing a ball straight at you. At that moment, I tried to push the aircraft’s controls forward to miss the incoming object, but while doing this, I lost control of the aircraft, unable to descend, climb, or turn left or right.”

The pilot changed his radio to an emergency frequency. After three emergency call requests he finally got a response. “Go ahead,” a voice came through. “What is your emergency.” He replied, “I am flying from Zihuatanejo, checked Tequesquitengo at 3,000 meters (10,000 feet), and have three visible objects flying around the aircraft.” He described the positions of the three objects and how the third one had come straight at him and then went beneath him hearing it hit underneath the fuselage near the landing wheels.

He also reported: “The aircraft is under the control of some strange force. I am not controlling the aircraft in any way.” He also noticed the magnetic compass “went haywire.” Eventually the mysterious object near the left wing rose vertically and flew towards a volcano known as Popocateptl, which for years has also been known for being a UFO hotbed. Then the object on the right moved horizontally away, following the object that had already taken off from the left side. As the pilot did not observe the one that had gone underneath his plane, he could only assume that it must have followed the other two objects and he just hadn’t seen it’s departure as he noted, “At that moment the Mexico Center radar captured the three echoes which maneuvered in such a way that no aircraft back then could have made a similar maneuver.”

“The UFO made a 270-degree turn in a radius of less than five kilometers (three miles) and flying at a speed of over 900 kilometers per hour. Some Mexicano de Aviacion aircraft pilots said they could fly at that speed with a 727 jet plane, but could not turn in such a small radius.”

Once the UFOs had left his plane, Carlos Antonio regained complete control of his aircraft once again. However, before he could land his aircraft he had to make several passes over the airfield as his landing wheels were not lowering properly. Firefighters and ambulances on the ground were waiting for him upon his landing. He landed his plane in a grassy area between two paved landing strips. “I did not turn off the engine,” he confessed. “(I) opened the door, jumped out of the aircraft, and began to run. An ambulance with a firefighter caught up with me and tried to calm me down. They helped me aboard the ambulance, where they gave me some tranquilizers.”

Over the next several days Carlos Antonio had several medical evaluations. Afterwards Captain Augusto Ramirez Altamirano, Chief of the Mexico City airport, released the following public statement: “The young man has nothing wrong with him. He is just very scared. He is nervous because of the experience he underwent, and the emergency he found himself in.”

About two weeks later, a Pedro Ferris of Mexico’s TV Channel 8 phoned Antonio about doing an interview about his experience. He wasn’t sure and discussed it with his father, who thought he should, and so he decided to do it. Later, traveling to the TV station in the southwestern part of Mexico City, he was driving in the middle lane on an expressway known as the Peripheral Ring when suddenly a black car came up even with him on one side and another black car passed him on the other and then stopped in front of him. He stopped to avoid an accident. Then two hairless men dressed in black, with yellowish looking skin, emerged from each auto.

“I believed they were members escorting somebody important and to which I accidentally cut in or annoyed in some way,” the pilot recalled. “When I was about to come out of the car, one of these men in black hurried up to me, grabbed the door, stuck his head inside the auto, and said in a very mechanical way, ‘If you appreciate your life and that of your family do not say anything else.’” After that they returned to their cars and drove away. “These men were about two meters tall, had well-developed bodies, had features of people from the northern hemisphere, spoke very mechanically, very precise, a very exact Spanish language, very direct, cold, and well defined.”

Shaken the pilot decided not to go through with the interview. Ferris naturally called him later at home and asked him what had happened. He told Ferris what had occurred. Ferris obviously familiar with the UFO subject declared that he had encountered the “so called men in black” and that they just persuade people not to talk and that they don’t actually do anyone any physical harm. So the pilot went ahead later with an interview.

Then about a month later Ferris phoned him again, informing the pilot that U.S. Air Force UFO advisor Dr. J. Allen Hynek was coming into the area and wished to talk with him about the incident. He even was carrying some sort of letter from then President Gerald Ford.

They met, Dr. Hynek tape recorded their interview, initially questioning the pilot over many detailed aspects that a true commercial pilot would be familiar with. Once he was confident that he indeed had a qualified and competent commercial pilot before him, Hynek then asked him to share his experience, which he then did. After the interview, he asked the pilot to meet him the following Sunday at 9 a.m. for breakfast, and to come alone as he had something very confidential to talk with him about.

That morning the pilot arrived early at the Hotel Diplomatico in Mexico City. He parked his car on the street outside, locked it and was walking toward the entrance when a hand slapped over his chest. “I raised my head and saw one of the same big men in black, which had stopped me the other day who said, ‘You were warned once. This is the second time.’” Feeling a little braver than he did the first time, he told the MIB he didn’t believe he was harming anyone and that maybe the information might prove useful to someone else. The MIB told him, “Turn around and leave. You are not going inside to meet the Doctor.” The pilot replied, “Well, I came here because he invited me for breakfast.” The MIB repeated, “Turn around and leave!” At that point, he lost his nerve and left.

Later when questioned if the MIB spoke in the same tone as before, he said, “Yes, the very same, and I cannot tell you which one he was, because both looked alike.”


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