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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2019

Strange visitation in Cuba

by: Albert S. Rosales

[Sometimes alien abductions are not so clear cut; some of them seem like out-of-body experiences or lucid dreams. Case in point follows.]

Location: El Vedado, La Habana, Cuba
Date: Summer 1994                                  
Time: late night

38-year old Orlando Jorge Molina Jimenez had awakened late at night and told his wife he had to use the bathroom. As he got up from the bed and walked toward the door of his bedroom he noted that the fan suddenly turned off and thought to himself that it was another blackout. At this point, he also saw out his window a bright white light that appeared to be coming closer to the window, illuminating the backyard. He stood watching the light when he suddenly realized that he was no longer in his bedroom. He now found himself in a ‘city’ where all the dwellings were very different from the ones that he knows. There were very beautiful crystal-like structures. He then saw several tall blond-haired persons walking around. He then began to scream in a panic. One of the tall blond-haired men then approached Orlando and told him, “Don’t get nervous. We are not going to harm you.” Calming down some he then looked around and asked, “But where is this place. This can’t be happening.” He then asked the tall blond-haired strangers, “Who are you?” The men told him, “Don’t worry. Within a short time we are going to visit the Earth.” In turn Orlando asked them, “Why don’t you let yourself be known to everyone on Earth?” But the men told Orlando that they are not willing to do that since humans are in a constant state of warfare and they were a peaceful people. At this point Orlando’s memory ends. His next memory is when his wife wakes up also to go to the bathroom and sees him standing by the window, looking outside and screaming, “Let me alone! Let me go!” He was in a state of confusion. He did not recognize his surroundings and could not see his bed or anything familiar around him.

Orlando further described the beings as some wearing blue flight suits and others black. They were all blond haired and very pale with blue eyes. Otherwise they resembled normal humans except for their eyes that were a little larger than normal. Their houses were crystal like and pyramidal shaped. They were indeed beautiful to look at. However, he could not see through them to see what was inside. Some of the structures were oval shaped, but all were made out of crystal. The atmosphere around him was foggy and blue in color. He remembers becoming agitated and afraid again and screaming at the strangers not to touch him. They in turn told him that no one was going to touch him. He began to panic as he could not see himself. When he came to his senses his wife was asking, “Where have you been?” Confused he answered, “I don’t know. I didn’t leave the bedroom.” But his wife told him that when she got up to use the bathroom she did not see him, and when she came back to the room she saw him standing next to the window talking to himself, screaming, “Leave me alone, leave me alone!” His body felt very heavy and he was very tired and he immediately went to sleep afterwards. The next day, he had difficulty seeing out of one eye, and the eye still bothers him to this day. Concerned, the couple moved out of the room and now sleep in a different one. Source: Hugo Franco Parrados  

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