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Encounters with the Unknown, The Guest

By Karen

It was mid-morning. I walked next door to visit neighbors. Greeting my two friends I then noticed another person standing off to my right.

“Hello, how are you?” I asked. We talked only a minute or so and then I felt the air around me changing; becoming something lighter/denser. I looked at my two friends standing on my left; they seemed to be in a frozen state, not talking. Looking to my right, their “guest” was changing in appearance. She became slightly taller, slimmer, and her arms and hands longer. She was glowing and altogether had the most lovely appearance.

I regained my composure some and felt highly ecstatic. “I’m going to go get my Mom. I’ll be right back?” Where did this reaction come from? I don’t know!

I stepped quickly out the front door, walked briskly to our place, caught my Mom at the sink drying dishes. “Mom, come quick. Come quick!”

“What is it?! What, what?” she asked as she came to the front room with a dishtowel in hand.

“You have to come meet this lady!” I was totally energized and excited. I stepped aside so my Mom could walk past me and out the door.

“Who is she?” Mom stared at me.

“You’ll see. Come quick.” My thinking was that the “guest” might change back and it would make me think all was just in my head. I don’t want to be the only “witness,” no way that would sit well with me.

I opened our neighbors’ door and stepped aside again allowing Mom to enter first. A bit of anxiety hit me then, but it was needless. The lady was still her “new self.” Mom walked slowly ahead of me. The lady greeted Mom saying to her, “You know, of course, we are sisters.” Mom held her hand out in response to the lady’s greeting. Their hands met and I was then standing by, calm, looking back and forth to my two neighbors and then my Mom and her “sister.” For some reason, I was not hearing Mom’s conversation with the lady, but they were visiting – somehow.

Only a minute passed; out of nowhere I was compelled to speak, “We better go now.” And to my neighbors who were still “in place” I just said, “See you later.” Mom turned toward me and I walked out behind her, back to our place. We stood inside our front door, turned toward each other and I asked, “Did you see what I saw?” Mom looked perplexed and just shook her head “yes.”

Believe it or not, we kept this to ourselves for a long time and that felt okay to do. All was well as far as we could tell. No harm came to anyone. Mom couldn’t remember what the lady and she spoke about. Our neighbors never saw the transformation, as later that same day I had asked them what they saw if anything. Nothing was their answer. Yet, they have known the lady for some ten years.


Mom grew up the oldest of four; the only girl. She always wanted a sister. When Mom married and I was born, the long-standing family joke told by my Dad all these years was that in trying to have a sister for me and having only seven sons to follow (including twin boys who did not come to term)…Mom admitted it was time to stop. Of all the greetings in all the world, WHY DID THE LADY START OFF WITH, “OF COURSE, YOU KNOW, WE ARE SISTERS.”

This all happened in July 1997, here in Houston, Texas.

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