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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2019

U.S. Forestry Service Employee in Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rain Forest had an Encounter with Multiple Humanoid Beings and Saw an Extradimensional Portal at The Site

by: Jorge Martín Miranda

C. 1986, Jorge Martín Miranda
Reproduction is prohibited without author’s permission.
Article reproduced from our book "El Yunque: Gateway to Other Worlds"

Without a doubt, one of the most important incidents, due to its unique details, occurred in the forest area of El Yunque (in the east of the island of Puerto Rico). It was an incident that was experienced by Rosario (Chiqui) Gómez, an employee of the U.S. Forest Service in that forest park.

Her experience is another example of the UFO / Alien situation that for many years has been kept hidden from the general public by the country's colonial authorities and U.S. military and security agencies on the island of Puerto Rico.

Here is part of a transcription we made of an interview I did with Miss Gómez years ago.

“I worked,” she told us during the interview, “at the U.S. Federal Forestry Service in Rio Piedras, but I worked at El Yunque rain forest every day. We did some research there. It was a technique to investigate the growth of trees in El Yunque, in different places or "plots" that they (US Federal Forestry Service employees) have there.”

We asked the young woman if she had heard about alleged incidents involving encounters with strange creatures and sightings of UFOs in that area.

“Yes,” replied, “and I was interested in knowing whether or not there was something real about what people talked so much about like alien bases and the weird creatures there. I came to the Forest Service through a friend who referred me, and I started working as a volunteer. Then, later on, they gave me a contract.

"But originally I had had several rare experiences at El Yunque forest. At first, I began to see some fast and colorful 'celajes' (fast moving figures) pass before me - something very strange. They were bright red, blue, orange, yellow and so on. They passed in front of me inside the forest, and then they started to pass more frequently between the plants, between the trees and in front of me. On many occasions, I saw them intertwining among the trees and among ourselves, those of us who worked there.

"They moved at great speed, and not only in a straight line, they could dodge and surround the trees at great speed. It was like a dance...and then they would get lost in the forest.”

Where, in what section of the forest were you seeing that?

"That was at a point near the collapsed part of road 191, in the area of Palo Colorado trees, where we were doing some studies. It's an area no one goes into, deep inside the forest. The first one to go was Mr. Wadsworth (supervisor at the forest), and then my partner and me. "At first I didn't comment on what I was seeing at work, because many times I would say 'Look! Did you see that?' and they would say 'What?' 'That fast moving thing that went through there,' and they would answer 'No, that's only a little bird,' and I said to him, 'But a little red bird...and so big?' And they would reply, 'Ah!, you see all kinds of birds here’.

"So... I noticed that they didn't really want to talk about that, and they avoided it, so I opted after a while not to say anything about what I was seeing and feeling pertaining to those fast moving things, and did not talk about it anymore with them.

"On the other hand, I also felt that someone was following us. I told my colleagues at the Forestry Service 'Look, someone is following us. Someone is back there', but they just wouldn't listen to me.

"There was movement, steps in the woods, and you could hear something like a murmur of two or three people, like a fast 'miemiiio wiiio miiiioo wiiiio wiiiao wiao wiao' (this is similar to what many other witnesses of encounters in the forest have said to us, including 'Pedro', the police officer, Mr. Juan Maldonado and others, about how the humanoid beings they had encountered there 'talked').

"I told my partner about that several times and he told me that those were the trees, the birds, the wind, which made the leaves move and make that noise. I then understood that maybe I was hearing something that wasn't very normal up there and they didn't want to talk about it, so I chose to shut up. I kept feeling the steps and the fast high pitched jargons, but without commenting or saying anything to anyone.” "After a while, almost a year later, I got a work contract with the University of Puerto Rico and started working as a forest guide in a botanical study program at El Yunque rain forest, and I was helping as a guide, for a student, who needed to do some studies for her master's degree.”

"One day we went a little beyond the area of El Verde, through the area of the Espíritu Santo River... and something happened to me that I will never forget.”

"I would come in every morning and talk to the trees. I told them that they were the ones who gave us oxygen, that I thanked them for that, that that forest was a secondary forest, but that I would be very sorry if people destroyed it...and things like that.” "My partner, the student, told me that I was crazy for talking to something that allegedly doesn't understand you, but I told her that at some point they would understand me, or perhaps because of the tone of my voice.”

"Well, as I said to you, Mr. Martín, we went up there once, through the area that goes up following the riverbed, and later we arrived at a mountain to do the same type of studies. My companion withdrew from me a great distance, towards the other side of the mountain. We didn't see each other but we could communicate if we shouted.”

"I was going up the mountain...and then I start to feel again that someone was following me. I kept walking and I could still feel many more steps behind me, so I turned my head back, to the left...and there I saw a series of... I call them goblins, like children all of them with bulky heads, and all with clothes of the same colors I saw the ‘celajes’ with.”

"I said to myself 'What is this?' I was petrified. I got scared, but I didn't move, I just stood there. There were so many of those weird small people around me with that same wardrobe and making the noise that I always heard when they came following me. The jargon talk of '...mieé, wiii wiiaoo wiiiaaoo' and all that stuff, and I was petrified. It was like hearing a recording at fast speed.”

Well, what happened then, Rosario?

"Then one of them came fast, stopped and stood in front of me, and that being...or the elf or alien being, stared at me. I remember I asked him a question: 'Who are you?' or 'What are you doing here?', and then he smiled at me and left like the ‘celaje’ I always saw, running very fast, and all the others followed him. And what I saw next was that they went inside...there was a basin, a hollow to the left side of that basin, next to Mount Britton mountain and El Yunque mountain (looking at it from the west to the northeast).”

"That mountain opened up on the side facing me and a huge hole appeared. It was as if all the matter in that zone dematerialized, trees, land, everything disappeared, and a very intense, bright light came out through that hole, with a yellow-orange hue that became redder-magenta as it expanded...and the beings ran into that hole.”

"It was as if the earth opened or something, and they all entered to... a commune or whatever you may want to call it, in which there was a lot of brightness, a lot of light. There were some intense colors. It's not red, it's a reddish...a yellowish-orange with a magenta color. A very bright color, very beautiful (The mention of the powerful magenta-orange tonality light had been described to us before by many witnesses who had observed flying saucer type craft entering or leaving that same zone). And below, very deep into that hole, you could see kind of like structures. I cannot describe them well. I don't remember them well either, and I saw that they ran and went through that hole. Then, I stood there, and said to myself, 'What is this?' 'Am I dreaming?' 'It can't be!’”

"The area that opened up was quite large, not in the mountain where I was standing, because I was a little further northwest, near a basin, a hollow, as they say in the field, which was in front of me and to the northeast. The other mountain in front of me, which was in the basin, was the one that opened up.”

We asked her in which mountain the opening appeared, and she emphatically indicated: "That was towards El Yunque and Mount Britton mountains, which were to my left. To my right, farther to the east, were El Cacique and El Toro Mountains.”

"That mountain’s side, to me, opened up completely. I remember that my view encompassed that whole area of light with a magenta-orange shade."

Did you see anything inside the hole?

"Yes, I saw that in that hole, very deep underground, there was something like a village with many structures and bright lights. It looked as when you see a town from far away from one mountain to another, that you see structures and lights, just like when you come from the town of Salinas to San Juan by the Las Americas expressway, that you look down and see the town of Cayey down there from a distance, and you see the structures and lights of the electric lighting down in the town down there, but far away. Well, that was something similar.”

"It was a pretty big hollow place in the bowels of the earth, as if the earth, the land had disappeared down there and you could see that inside, deep inside, you could see all those structures and those lights, some brighter, some less brighter." What did you do then?

"I walked over there, next to where the hole was, I shouted at my companion and walked over there to see where the little men had gone. I kept walking and in a moment my partner called me and I turned my head back to talk to her. When I looked back into the hole I saw that it had closed. I said to myself, 'By God, what happened?’”

"My companion arrived and said to me, 'What happened to you? You look scared and pale.’ But I said to her, 'No, I felt people following us...or something.' I gave her an excuse. I never explained to her what I really saw, because I believed that if I told her something like that she might fall into a panic, because she was very nervous and she was afraid because of us being alone in that area.”

Former forestry employee Rosario Gómez described the beings that surrounded her during the encounter as follows: "They were about three and a half feet tall. There were many of them, about 50 of them. I say they were a herd. I saw many of them, dressed in clothes of all colors, running, but they were all looking at me. They ran, but slowly, and talking in their strange 'wiiiioo wiiiioo wiiiioo wiaaaaaooo' fast high pitched jargon.”

"When the one who approached me came, I was able to distinguish him with more detail. His head was egg-shaped, like a pear, but the jaw was more pointed than in pears, closing down in a fine jaw. His head was much larger than ours. I think his brain was much bigger than ours.” "They didn't have hair. They were bald, and their eyes were round and like elongated to the sides, dark, and they had like a light or a shine inside...or something. I can't identify what it was.” (detail also observed by many other witnesses, such as Mr. Juan Maldonado, Mr. Charlie Ruiz and others).

"His nose was small, almost undistinguishable, only two little holes, and his mouth was as if it was a line, a little cut they have there, without lips. They do move it, but without lips.

"His ears were pointy and small, and the color of his skin was a yellowish-ash tone, similar to an olive gray. Very nice." What can you tell us about his clothes?

"His clothing was a one-piece tightfitting suit that covered his entire body. Each of them had the same type of suits, each one in a bright color, red, golden yellow, blue, green, and they looked as if made of an aluminum-like material foil that in my opinion seemed to protect them.”

"They had long sleeves up to their wrists, but on their feet I don't remember, because I looked more at their faces, that caught my attention the most. Their clothing’s necks are high, upwards, covering their necks but open from the corner of their necks.”

"They were unbelievable! It was a beautiful experience.”

"The others were still talking. I say speaking, because I imagine that is their language. They continued with the noise of '...wieeee wiiiiiuu wiioo ouii'. And I saw them run and enter that cave...or whatever it was.”

"This happened in the summer of 1981, at the end of the month of June. For me it was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life.”

When asked, Rosario commented that the effect she observed when the illuminated opening appeared was "...as if the surface of the mountain, the earth and the forest, everything dematerialized and that enormous hollow appeared where everything was seen down there. And at the end everything materialized again. It was something incredible!”

"I have always asked myself what was it, the little man who approached me wanted to tell me.”

We asked Rosario how she interpreted the experience.

“Look,” she said, “to me all of this means that if we are on this planet Earth, there may be others elsewhere who perhaps are coming to our world to seek information from us, both for their progress and also to help us progress, because if they are already here, and due to what I saw there they are, then they have to have more knowledge than we do. We would be like children in diapers compared to them.” “That's what I can tell by what I saw of the structure, the organization of their habitat, of their city, or whatever it was... and they're there, in El Yunque, in the forest.”

"They are definitely more organized than we are, and from what I perceived those beings mean no harm to us. They are not harmful. I was alone in the forest, and they did me no harm. I think they're coming to help us.”

In 1986, we interviewed Mr. Gerónimo (Monón) Rivera, a peasant farmer living at a high site in El Rayo sector of the Guzmán Arriba neighborhood (close to El Yunque mountain), and he talked to us about a series of encounters he had experienced with flying saucers and small humanoid beings.

The beings and crafts used to come out from the forest area under U.S. federal jurisdiction and overfly or land on his property.

As they left, they entered the perimeter of the federal forest again at the same point where Miss Rosario Gómez and others forest workers have observed the humanoids and the apparent dimensional portal.

Mr. Rivera commented to us: "The little ones (the little humanoid types, 'Grays')... I have seen them pass by here in the saucers in which they fly. They used to fly at a low height and look at you through some windows, as if they were curious about me, and then they leave.” “And they always go into that hollow that can be seen there, near El Yunque mountain.” (the same hollow already identified by us, from where a powerful and brilliant beam of light emerges and where the terrain dematerializes, just as Rosario Gómez and others have seen too). "Look, those people live down there, and that's not from now, but from a long time ago, because I've seen this for many decades, since I was 11 years old, in 1934.”

The area is now under U.S. military surveillance.

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