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The Lost Caves of Giza DVD Documentary Released

By Dr. Greg Little

Video A | Video B

As most readers of APMagazine know, since 2009 articles about Andrew Collins’ stunning rediscovery of a lost and forgotten cave system running under the Giza plateau have been routinely issued. We have now completed and released an 83-minute documentary of the background and actual discovery of the caves. The DVD "The Lost Caves of Giza is now available on Amazon and will be available through other outlets in a few months. The film is episode 7 of the Forgotten History Series.

Not long after reports of the 2008 discovery were issued by the A.R.E., Dr. Zahi Hawass issued a stern formal statement writing that “no cave complex exists at this site.” Hawass, however, immediately ordered an excavation of the tomb complex, called the “Tomb of the Birds” by Collins. The excavation uncovered a massive underground complex that proved that what Collins and his team found was a forgotten catacomb first explored in 1817 by Henry Salt and Giovanni Caviglia. In an astonishing piece of scholarly investigation, Egyptological researcher Nigel Skinner-Simpson had worked out the location of this forgotten cave system and engineer Rodney Hale worked out that the pyramid complex had been built to mimic the stars of the Cygnus Constellation. Hale also found that the alignments of the pyramids pointed directly to the opening of the cave system. Hale’s explanation of the alignment of Cygnus and the Giza pyramids is fascinating.

After having the tomb excavated, Hawass took an American film crew into the tomb to show that there was no cave complex “running under the 2nd pyramid” but conveniently ignored his statement (still on his blog) that the caves didn’t exist at all. On a September 2010 episode of Chasing Mummies, Hawass was led into the cave system and was surprised that it ran the precise length that Collins had found and reported in his book Beneath the Pyramids, which was 350 feet. However, the cave actually ran further and the final “tube” at the end of the system was explored for 30 more feet before the archaeologist who crawled into it turned back. How far this tunnel runs remains unknown.

The DVD contains extensive interviews with Andrew and Sue Collins, Nigel Skinner-Simpson, and Rodney Hale and includes comments by Brent Raynes. In addition, never-before shown film of the caves along with dozens of photos are included. The real story of the cave rediscovery is a fascinating blend of fearless and relentless research that included scholarly and expeditionary work. The cave system is now known as Collins Caves.

Two clips from the film are included on this page. Video A | Video B

USA residents can also order the film by sending a check for $24.95 (which includes priority mail shipping) to ATA, P.O. Box 9025, Memphis, TN 38190 or order at Amazon.


Monday, February 26, 2024