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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2018

Two compelling cases of possible underwater dwellers!
Worship the creatures of the waters

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Mamora Bay, St. Johns, Antigua
Date: 1969
Time: late night

Several off duty American military personnel were fishing one late night at an isolated spot on the shores of the bay. Late into the night they noticed a group of natives milling about in the sand near the bay. They had seen some of them before. They were forming a circle and in the center of the circle they had built a bonfire. One of the natives had a hen in his hands, and they watched as he slashed the hen’s throat in a ritualistic manner, filling a bowl with the hen’s blood. Then they seemed to wait in anticipation. Soon one of the men, apparently their leader, knelt down on the sand staring out to sea. Less than five minutes later the witnesses saw someone step out of the water. They watched stunned as it wasn’t a diver or a swimmer. It was a man, but very tall, over 2 meters in height. He walked slowly and precisely circling around the natives. The figure appeared very strong and muscular and around the base of his neck he had a line of large crest-like protrusions that went down to his lower back. It had what appeared to be an elongated head and his feet were obviously webbed. He then stood outside the circle, a profound silence reigning all around. Moments later the man who had been kneeling on the ground grabbed the bowl full of hen’s blood and handed over to the strange creature. The creature lifted the bowl up to his lips and drank the blood. It took him about 30 or 40 seconds to drink it all. The creature then gave the bowl back to the leader and walked back to the sea. The natives remained silent the whole time, observing it until it disappeared into the waters.

Terrified, the witnesses left their fishing rods behind and ran from the area. The next morning they returned to the location only to find the remains of the bonfire. They couldn’t find any footprints from the creature on the sand. The witnesses refused to talk to the natives about the incident.

Source: J. J. Benitez, “Solo para tus ojos: Cuarenta y Cuatro años de investigacion Ovni” (For your eyes only: 44 years investigating UFOs).

Translated by Albert S Rosales


The little boy from the sea:
Location. Playa Media Luna, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
Date: 1992
Time: afternoon

Mr. Anibal Perez and his young nephew had come to the beach with their grandmother and were enjoying themselves when suddenly and apparently out of the depths of the waters a “young man” about 12 years of age, about 4ft 3 inches tall, thin and with white skin, emerged and approached the two witnesses. In one of his hands he carried what appeared to be sand which he would take up into his mouth once in awhile. The stranger appeared curious and friendly and followed the two witnesses, apparently looking for companionship. They asked him who he was but the stranger only emitted a sound similar to that of a “dolphin.” Suddenly the boy dove into the waters and seemed to swim down to the depths. Moments later he re-appeared again, bringing some sand in his hand, which he offered to the two now befuddled witnesses. Apparently, he wanted the men to “eat” the sand, but they demurred. They were then even more surprised to see the “boy” ingest the sand like material. The stranger was described as completely human-like, somewhat thin with long black hair, wearing light colored yellow shorts. As the two witnesses swam about, the stranger seemed to imitate their every move. He dove into the deep again, this time returning with some algae, which he also offered to the witnesses. Emitting strange whistling sounds he seemed to want to communicate with the witnesses. After some questioning by the witnesses, the stranger began to imitate their speech, repeating everything that was said to him. After a while he seemed to be able to speak some coherent words and said he was from “the bottom of the sea.” A few minutes later he stared at the two witnesses and then bid them farewell saying “Goodbye humans.” He then dove into the waters never to be seen again.
Anibal additionally described the strange boy as having dark brown neck-length hair, somewhat curly. He had dark brown eyes, and were normal in appearance. His nose seemed normal and so did his mouth with thin lips. When they saw him eating the algae, Anibal saw that the stranger had a row of perfect white teeth. He would sometimes mimic the witnesses when they laughed.
Source: Jorge Martin, Poligono Del Tercer Tipo
Comments: Is there really underwater “alien” civilizations on earth, or possibly underwater bases or installations?
Translated by Albert S. Rosales

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