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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2018

Brief sojourn through space

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: North Rhine-Westphalia area, Germany
Date: October 1978
Time: night

13-year old Arnold Bruns (a pseudonym) lived with his family in a house by the River Ruhr. One night after having dinner with his family in the kitchen Arnold felt tired and went upstairs to his bedroom. His parents and siblings remained in the living room – kitchen area. His bed was right next to the bedroom door by the window. From this window he had an excellent view of the area. As he lay in bed looking at the stars a bright object suddenly raced towards him. The object was huge and circular. It covered all the neighboring surroundings and it was completely silent. It floated very close to the window. Arnold was paralyzed and unable to think, and did not take his eyes off the object. All he could do was look into the object (that’s how close it was). He could see several floors and rooms in the object. The floors were connected with a kind of stairs. He saw bright flashing lights and something resembling monitors. However, he did not observe any occupants.

Just as suddenly as it had appeared in front of the bedroom window, the object shot back into the sky at an incredible speed. As soon as it was gone, Arnold was able to think straight again and ran into the kitchen full of panic and excitement. He told his parents and siblings what he had seen. However, they all laughed at him and his parents said that it had probably been a dream. Arnold later recalled that he could see what appeared to be control panels within the object. He also felt that he was being watched by unseen beings. According to Arnold the object had a kind of “consciousness,” adding,“Somehow the object knew who I was.” Later that night, he woke up feeling sick and having a bad headache. He left his bedroom and went to the kitchen where he opened a window to get some fresh air. Again something made him look up into the sky and he saw a bright star-like light that seemed to “follow my movements.” His next memory was of waking up in the morning still feeling the headache. He would have vague memories of being in another place, in the middle of a room, inside a spaceship in space. He could see lights whizzing by who eventually took the shape of planets. He then hears a clear and reassuring voice telling him telling him not to be afraid. He still has the feeling of being constantly watched by unknown intelligences.

Years later, Arnold was to recall additional details of the October incident. He remembers blinking multicolored lights and the feeling of being watched. He is not afraid and there are no perceptible sounds. He sees characters like straight lines, dashes, circles and dots. He is now walking up the stairs, and sees other floating objects. He sees an object resembling a desk. Everything is very difficult to describe. He then goes into the next floor and several entities appear in front of him. They have big heads with big eyes, they have two arms and two legs but they are not human. He walks through the room passing by the entities. They look at him curiously, their eyes are very strange. Arnold perceives a reassuring feeling. Some of the beings have light skin, others dark gray skin. They appear to be two different races. Some are 2-meters tall and dark colored, the others about 1.20 – 1.50 m and gray in color. They communicate with each other.

The shorter light-gray skin beings have dark eyes, no hair, a barely visible nose, hole for ears, no clothing, and no recognizable genitalia. They have thin, slightly longer fingers than humans. The taller beings have bluish eyes, no hair, small noses, larger ears, also no clothing and no visible genitalia. He is now on the third floor and there are certain areas in which he is not allowed to enter. He only goes to where he is allowed to go. The beings do not communicate with him. They never answer any of his questions and basically ignore him. He then walks along a straight corridor behind two light-colored beings. The walls are golden and very bright, as well as the floor. Something opens up and he enters another room. The room is round. On the right there are two of the beings. He sits on a black chair with armrests, and in front of him there is a white square table with a sort of map on it. It appears to be a “space map with planets”. It has something to do with their point of origin. He hears a voice saying that he shouldn’t be afraid. The craft begins to move and Arnold becomes frightened, he sees bright stripes passing by, then the craft slows down and he sees planets passing by. He sees a red-blue atmosphere and then a gray rocky planet. The voice continues to calm him down, and then he blacks out. He wakes up feeling very tired, with a strange feeling and a headache. He does not want to get up but he has to go to school.


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