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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2018

Picnic interrupted by floating man

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Donna, Texas
Date: Summer 2005 
Time: Afternoon

Two men, Edward and his son Jason, had come home from work for lunch and had sat outside their home to eat the food and talk. Suddenly, Edward saw something that he cannot account for to this day that still haunts him every time he recalls it.

Floating above their heads about five feet above the top of the picnic table, where they were eating, was what he can only describe as a man with dark blistered skin wearing dark dusty pants, a dark trench coat, a dark sombrero and beat up black boots. He had long black hair and had a long slithering tongue with sharp teeth. The man, creature, demon, or whatever it was, was just casually floating above their heads. Trying to keep his cool, Edward did his best to ignore it. He non-chalantly asked Jason if he saw it too, since the creature was still hovering above them. Jason calmly confirmed he was watching it also but did not want to draw more attention or alarm this creature as well.

Edward then decided that he wanted to surprise ‘it’ by jumping up and grabbing its leg and dragging it down, but he noticed that slithering tongue and wisely declined his vigilante thoughts for fear that the creature would take him.

Edward stated that the best way to describe this being was by comparing it to the creature from the movie, Jeepers Creepers. Soon after, the creature simply began to float higher and higher until it eventually disappeared into the clouds and was never seen again.  

Source: Your True Tales, August 2012 

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