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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2018

Floating Humanoids in Spain

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: El Palmar, Cadiz, Spain
Date: end of May 1986
Time: dawn

Ines Perez and her daughter Pilar were leaving their house very early one morning when once outside Ines noticed an eerie and complete silence in the area. She looked towards the beach and saw what she described as a ‘black circle’ next to a glass recycle dumpster. At first, she thought it was some kind of narcotics contraband container, since there had been problems some days before. She stood still not knowing what to do. She then noticed what appeared to be six human-like figures kneeling down with their arms crossed over their chests. They were in a circle. Seconds later, her daughter Pilar came out. Ines decided to walk back into the house but when she turned her head to look again she noticed the figures were now floating in midair heading towards the El Morito Hostel. They floated in single file, parallel to the roadway. They were all wearing black, and were short, perhaps a meter or so. They moved slowly and were separated by about 40 or 50 cm.

Ines later learned that her daughter Pilar had also seen the strange figures but had not mentioned anything to her. Unable to sleep she had seen her mother go outside and decided to follow her. She saw five or six small figures, and two other larger figures. They were floating above the ground, and wearing something resembling nun’s habits. The tallest one was at the head of the procession and was dressed in all white. The rest were wearing black. Pilar estimated that they had been about 50-meters away. The tallest one also seemed to be wearing a white hood. They moved very slowly and in total silence. It felt to the witnesses as “if time had stood still.” They could not hear the normal sounds of the ocean, birds - nothing.

Later Pilar reported having dreams with the strange hooded entities which stared at her with red eyes.  

Source: J. J. Benitez, “Solo para tus ojos: Cuarenta y Cuatro ānōs de investigacion Ovni” (For your eyes only: 44 years investigating UFOs). 

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