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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2018

Hosted by Brent Raynes

Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin is an acknowledged innovator in the consciousness, paranormal and spiritual genres. She has dedicated her professional career to bringing the highest quality manuscripts to publishing; screenplays based on her author’s books for feature films; concepts for television programming and short-form content from this multi-faceted field made available to the widest possible audience.

In 1984 Ms. Martin was one of the first to host a talk show on subjects identified as “New Age” in Norfolk, Virginia. At the time she was an award winning executive at the local PBS station, WHRO-TV. In 1986 she created Paraview Literary Agency in Virginia Beach and shortly thereafter moved to publishing central in New York City. Paraview holds a unique position in the media industry for being among the first to successfully develop literary properties for the worldwide audience of 50 million+ people interested in consciousness, deep spirituality, healing and the paranormal.

As an agent she developed and introduced many of the concepts, experts and authors of this mind, body, and spirit genre to the mainstream publishing and television media. Many of her authors are New York Times Bestsellers. James Van Praagh’s Talking to Heaven was on the New York Times bestseller list for 46 weeks. Dean Radin, PhD., wrote The Conscious Universe and was featured in the Sunday New York Times Magazine.

Ms. Martin negotiated an advance of two million dollars, the largest advance ever for a singer/songwriter. It was for Jewel’s poetry book, A Night Without Armor.

For Paraview she sold more than 300 books in the genre.
During the 90s Ms. Martin was one of the first agents to develop and launch her own imprint, Paraview Books. In 2000 Ms. Martin negotiated a deal with Simon and Schuster to create a new imprint, Paraview Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster Publishing.

After 9/11 Ms. Martin sold the Literary Agency to focus on television. Lisa Hagan, on staff at Paraview for over ten years became the sole owner of Paraview Literary Agency, now called Lisa Hagan Literary.

While agenting manuscripts Ms. Martin also created and executive produced a three hour documentary series from the mind, body and spirit genre for the Discovery Channel titled The Power of Dreams, for TLC a pilot on Ancient Mysteries, for NHK (Japanese PBS) a one hour special Cowgirls: Heroines of the American West and for PBS the three hour documentary series, Intuition for the PBS Pledge Fund Drive.

As executive producer for Is it really me? she was awarded a CINE Golden Eagle Award. Brenda Siemer Scheider created and directed the documentary on young women coming of age. It has played in the Avignon Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival, The North Carolina School for the Arts River Run Film Festival and Santa Fe Film Festival. At the 2005 Durango Film Festival it won a Jury Commendation for Documentaries. In 2003 we were awarded a CINA Golden Eagle Award.

In 2002, she left New York City and moved to Bluefield, West Virginia to take the position of Senior Vice President of Content for Wisdom Television. At Wisdom she was responsible for developing and producing programming for the new linear cable channel. In 2005 Wisdom was sold to Steve Case of AOL. While at Wisdom, she produced a business series Wisdom at Work, A Wisdom Holiday: The Gift of Song, Is It Really Me? Loretta La Roche-Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal; and at Sirius Radio in New York City, filmed a discussion, the consciousness point of view of 9.11.02: From the Ground Up Hosted by Caroline Myss and Jim Garrison.

Ms. Martin served as a Judge for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, the ACE Cable Awards, and the New York Independent Film Festival.  

She currently serves as Vice President and Director of Media for the International Association for Near-Death Studies. She has served on the boards of astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Friends for the Institute of Noetic Sciences in New York City, The Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC, Harvard University’s Center for Psychology and Social Change and NurturArt of New York City.

As a consultant Ms. Martin worked with Time Life Books on their best selling series ever, Mysteries of the Unknown; Berkley Bedell’s National Foundation for Alternative Medicine, now called Foundation for Alternative.
She lectures on meditation, near-death experiences, dreams and intuition.
Gardening, photography and writing are her hobbies.

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