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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2017

Operation Demon
Part 5

by: Stan Morrison

“We wondered when you were going to get here!” was the bizarre introduction with which I was greeted upon entering the “head” of the Arizona State Prison at Kingman. The man, a Latin, who I learned later could not speak English, was sitting on one of the six commodes. His head was absurdedly tilted, his face strangely distorted, when he creepily looked directly at me and shouted his odd welcome.

From experience, I could clearly tell that this dude was demonically possessed. I had gone into the “can” to fill up a cup of water for a cup of instant coffee.

I was not all that surprised, being a (paranormal) psychonaut.

Yes, I spent eight months in prison. And this brings me to the whole thing of credibility as a writer, a parapsychologist, and virtually the credibility of everything you've read thus far. I figured I'd put this out there, here, as I'm sure it would eventually be known.

My time in custody actually amounted to 12 months, if one considers the time spent in the Maracopa County Jail. My charge was the “unlawful discharge of a firearm in city limits” (Mesa, Arizona).

In the four months I spent in jail in Phoenix, I learned an interesting thing about credibility. In ufology today, one of the “poster boys” proving the abduction phenomenon, or an abductee that is now considered a credible victim of a UFO abduction, is Travis Walton. He has a lot of support by ufologists, and is a well-known personality in the field based on his reported “abduction” experience. He seems to be a great guy. I remember his case, back in 1975, and how all five or six witnesses passed polygraph tests, attesting to their encounter and Travis's abduction. The problem I found with it, was that I had never heard of a modern UFO abduction where the abductee had been kidnapped, or was absent, for that long a period of time – five days.

I spent four months with one of these witnesses to Travis's abduction. Talk about credibility, he was in jail for a “fraud charge.” His name was Steve, and that's all I wanted to know.

It had become known that I was a journalist, and Steve really wanted to speak to me. It turned out, he was a very funny and great guy. He maintained the validity of Walton's story, and even insisted on drawing me the accompanying illustration, as a witness to the initial UFO encounter and shot from the “beam” from the UFO. In his illustration, you can see Travis's legs in the lower right part of the picture.

If Travis Walton can today be deemed a “credible” UFO abduction witness, I think I can too be deemed credible in my work and endeavors. From my time with “Steve,” he always maintained, in jail, that the event really happened. A week-long abduction.

There was an actual Phase Two to the Fifth Process. The whole idea was – through app-psi – to obtain a more solid aspect or piece of the paranormal, or a seemingly related phenomenon. This would have been the completion of my task. In Phase Two, it was to obtain a physical specimen of a relic hominid. This took several years to plan and prepare. Firearms were a necessity, along with various gear. But because my health was rapidly declining in the late 1990s and the early part of the 21st Century, I aborted the whole program. I decided to sell two pistols to my neighbor, a .44 Colt revolver and a .22 automatic. I was anxious to give the money to my wife, Linda. I still had a .44 magnum pistol with my gear in a shed in Tempe, Arizona.

But minutes before the transaction occurred, there was that accident where the .44 misfired. Someone notified the police, and the rest is history. I was charged with “unlawful discharge of a firearm in city limits,” and went away for a year. I didn't get rid of the .44 magnum until I was released, or discharged, or whatever. Since I was living in a halfway house, I had my uncle sell the pistol, after getting it out of the shed, to some people he knew in Montana.

The .44 magnum was to be used in attaining whatever had left a footprint I came across while hiking in the Four Peaks region of Arizona. A drawing of this three-toed footprint, along with a feature article, was published in June 2003 in Fate Magazine, entitled The Back Beyond: Paranormal Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains. It was a small footprint, only six inches long, but I was sure it was genuine. In any event, attaining it as a specimen was cancelled.

One of the primary reasons I aborted Phase Two, was that one evening watching television with my wife I had a severe grandmal seizure and broke my right arm. My humerus was broken clean in half. It subsequently had to be secured by a titanium rod, and while I was at Desert Vista Hospital in east Mesa, they did a brain scan (MRI) which revealed I had damage to the right side of my thalamus. It was called an “infarction,” or damage caused by a stroke. It was this damage that was blamed for the seizures. To me, it all started to make sense.

Almost immediately in prison, or jail rather, the feeling of possession erupted, along with psychic conditions I had not felt since the 1980s, or during The Fifth Process. It wasn't anything I could escape, but only live with...

Another individual I knew at the Maricopa County Jail was a very interesting person. He was a Russian from Ukraine, and had the best books in the joint. Clearly, he had plenty of money, and a friend or girlfriend on the outside to manage and help him in transactions, etc., on the “inside.”

He eventually found out I was a writer, and revealed to me – only me – why he was there, and his story. He wanted to know how to publish his story, and his account of why he was there – convicted and sentenced to life. All I could tell him was to buy the new Writer's Market. When he received it, he told me, “This is the best investment I've ever made!”

After our conversation in my cell over time, he revealed, indeed, very interesting things about himself, his charges, and his personal fight for freedom and liberty.

“I'm showing you this stuff,” he said. “But no one else is to see it. I don't trust anyone else.”

It turns out that this guy was a multi-millionaire. He was not a Russian mobster, as my nazi cellmates had contended. He was a “cigar expert” and officionado who was worth at least three million dollars. On top of the stack of info he gave me to read was a glossy copy of Cigar Officionado, which featurerd Dimetre and his company in the United States. He was an imigrant who came to Arizona and started/continued a cigar business. There was nothing but high acclaim by the editors of the magazine. They were on his side, and editorially hoped his re-trial would show his innocence. The piece had a great portrait photograph of Dimetre, and outlined his charges. (Besides a millionaire, I met in my twelve months two medical doctors – one a surgeon – an attorney, and a Ph.D bioengineer from the Arizona University at Tucson who had once been the head of his department. This is not to mention the murderers, the home-invaders, the robbers and burglers, and numerous drug possessers and dealers).

I read the voluminous police report on Dimetre, charged with being caught in the act of setting his wife and family up for a “hit” or murder. A police report is merely a report, legally. But as accurate as one may be, it is subjective at times, and that is why – in this country – one (a person) is innocent until proven guilty. I don't know about Dimetre's case.

When we became friends, and he allowed me access to most of the New York Times bestsellers, I had to be frank with him from my context. Halfway with joking humor (but serious), all I had to say to him was, “I'm very sorry about your country falling apart, Dimetre.” This is in relation to the Soviet Union and The Fifth Process project.

Before I was shackled up and bussed to Kingman, I had lived for a couple of months at the main prison at Florence. There, I was placed in tents and quonset huts. For a short while I was placed in barracks.

When I was in the quonset huts, I met a guy who did laundry for others, in order to make money. I had met him in any event, and thought he was OK. Once, I went to his hut, and he invited me in, and the first thing I noticed, sitting on his bunk, was a Time Life book on UFOs. It seemed he was very interested in UFOs. Next to his book, was an excellent Schofield edition of the Holy Bible. Because of my disability and terrible health conditions, Ray agreed to my terms, and was hired to not only do my laundry, and other labors, but initially to be on my team. I made sure he was paid well, and that he had what he needed to make his, and my, prison experience a bit less torturous.

I think it was more than a coincidence that he was one of those shackled and sent to Kingman. We were placed in the same house (150 inmates) and our contract still held. Ray was (is) a good guy, and he, for me, did just about everything: laundry, straighten out the bunk, and filling out my weekly schedule (PX), and helped me pick everything up.

Finally, my health overtook me and I had a massive grandmal seizure. I don't remember anything for a week. I was taken to the main hospital in Kingman. Eventually, the medical people there received my neurological information, but not before I had another seizure.

Right off the start, I explained The Fifth Process to Ray, my life-long work as a researcher, and my goal of getting “Stan out of here alive.” We structured our goal, calling it “operation demon,” and Ray became a serious “immediate team member.” Ray was actually an ordained minister (1), a good guy, and so I had his trust and allegiance. I did get out of there alive, but not before coming close to death.

When I was at Florence Prison, I daily hiked to “medical” where I received an anti-seizure drug I had been prescribed since the infarction located in the right side of my thalamus, called phenobarbital. So they started me on another seizure drug, which was an anti-depressant used also for seizure disorders, called epitol. Unfortunately, during the transition between drugs, I had the second seizure.

Concerning the first seizure, they fined me $500 for the trip to the hospital, as they believed they could blame me for “non-compliance” of medical care, but they never collected. I put up a legal fight, so they simply were never able to actually charge me half a thousant dollars for my convulsion. It's not that they didn't try, though.

One reason why the second seizure plays an important role is because I not only came very close to dying, but because I also had a very revealing observation.

I was in the infirmary when, or after, my fellows next to me eventually noticed I was again in seizure, and notified the guards. But this time, when I became conscious, I refused and they agreed not to take me to the city hospital in Kingman. After three days of observation, I was sent back to my House, my tobacco, and property. Thanks to my friends, nothing was stolen.

But I was still in bad shape. As I laid on my bunk, unable to really move, I was sicker than any dog that ever lived. All I could do was stare at the ceiling, sixty feet above (the place was basically a hangar). I remember I just sort of slunk over, and gave up. Still looking up, I could feel a “static” energy, moving, re-arranging, and unfolding as it exited the left side of my body. Then it rose above me and manifested in its full form (see illustration).

I was not completely surprised, since I had used psychokinetic energy for years with the intention of greatly helping humankind. It seemed this “thing” had had enough of my carcass, and was either totally leaving, or taking a breather. I went blank soon after that.

The entity exited the left side of my head and body with an electrical “crackling” and hovered in the air above me, not even looking in my direction. Demonologist Lorraine Warren noted in The Demonologist (1976), along with her late husband, Ed, that in possession cases the entity often seems to inhabit the left side of a victim's body and head, which, to me, is a very revealing fact, which will soon be disclosed. The Warrens described the actual appearance of such entities, in their basic form, as looking “apish” or “ape-like,” which is also very revealing. What I observed was definitely not “apish.” The accompanying illustration is a pretty good semblance of what it looked like, or how it appeared.

It still seemed connected to me, specifically deep inside the left side of my head, or, precisely, the lower section of my head. I often recall how back in Okmulgee on that fateful night when the Holy Spirit came to this area of my head and slowly reversed, seemingly in a purposeful manner, and went back to my solar plexus. It had been many years since The Fifth Process, but I had not yet documented my observations in a book-length form. Before I went blank, or lost cognition and time, I promised God I would finally do a (this) book, finalizing the issue. I was very weak and sick and drifted off, truly not knowing if I would awaken. I felt as if I had been hit by a truck from that second convulsion.

Throughout this prison experience, synchronicities or coincidences ran amok. Everytime I would be moved, I would end up in number “five” hut, barracks, or tent. My bunk would be number “five.” “Fives” were everywhere, but pertained only to me (The Fifth Process). I was never surprised when I ended up at number “five.” These synchronicities are an indication of telepathics; but also PK.

Since there were these indications, including the entity from the seizure, I had to again test things, to see if The Fifth Process was indeed “real” and successful; and that I was not a victim of deception. I couldn't sincerely write about it if it was all a delusion, or not effective.

I can't recall the precise method, but I needed confirmation, based on an altered state in which I had found myself. I more or less, by playing the psychodrama game, demanded a UFO appearance, and other things that would verify – for me – that the event in the eighties happened.

Very soon (a day or so), I walked out of the “House” or building and there was a very solid object at low altitude sailing over the yard. I knew this was controlled airspace and the object was extremely anomalous or unusual. Helicopters, etc., were prohibited there. This was to prevent escapes, or drops of drugs, etc., or worse. I saw it immediately. I could sort of tell what it was. It was silent and drifted above the yard. I grabbed an inmate to my right and asked him if he saw it and what he thought it was. By this time we were looking up, and another guy was peering at it. “Oh, that's a hanglider,” he said, and walked away. The other guy, now joined by another inmate, said he didn't know what it was. He very soon went on with his business. His fellow inmate stated that, in his opinion, it was a balloon, and went on. Others right there saw it and went on, also, with no opinion. It was at an altitude of around 500 feet, and drifted over the yard, and eventually out of sight.

All of the indications of linkage and PK and other psi were there, and pretty much obvious. All I had to do now was enter a complete virtual reality to see if the autonomic or automatic phenomena I was experiencing would reveal the processes that were responsible in that state of awareness and perception. Why had I no conscious control – in that ASC – over my bladder, my bowels, etc.?

I had a good friend who was a spirit-filled Christian, spirit-filled in that he in his Christianity was of the type I had experienced in Oklahoma; and possessed the gifts of the Spirit, ie., glossolalia, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc. He had helped and worked with me with my psychic and spiritual troubles. On one occasion, he and his fellow charismatics, in the prison church, somehow concluded that there was “hypnosis” involved, and that I had somehow consented in the past to my odd state.

Internally, I defended and suffered my awful state of affairs. My friend, who was soon to be released after six years, came walking into the House and approached me, singing, “Stan, the Christian soldier...” He knew nothing of my work. He stopped at my cube/station when an inmate across the walkway said, how “telepathetic.” He also knew nothing of my work. Nonetheless, my Christian friend was correct in a way. Since the eighties, I had stuck to my guns, in that The Fifth Process was real and had a real effect on the reality around me. Along with experiential phenomena and many other things (veridical hallucinations with synchronicities), I believe the process or project actually happened.

It's very difficult, if not impossible, to objectively describe the ASC of The Fifth Process. Other psychonauts have done it, or attempted to do it, but I'm sure complete satisfaction of the oral reports or stories is absent. This is because such states are purely subjective and totally happening in the right hemisphere realm, where rational objectivity does not exist. A great deal of literary license, e.g., Carlos Castaneda, has to be taken in order to make any kind of sense, rationally.

Coincidences and synchronicities are a funny thing. Sometimes they are clear and blatant, other times they are veridical hallucinations, in that the coincidences relate and are “meaningful” only to the subject or psi focus. In either case, both suggest telepathy or psychokinesis according to the late psychiatrist and parapsychologist Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz.

For instance, the tornado that hit Morris where 12 people were killed and which occurred immediately after The Fifth Process was finalized, happened in April – tornado season. Yes, I know in my heart it was an immediate response to the success of the four-year-long project.

I've read a lot of things about the late Dr. Carl Sagan. Some, or a few, have been very critical. I tend to side with those who have written he was “the best teacher who ever lived.” This may be a slight overstatement, but growing up in the seventies and watching “Cosmos,” he certainly “seemed” like the best public teacher I had ever watched and heard. He made hard science comprehensible, at least to me. In his seventies classic, The Dragons of Eden, brain structure and genetics were no longer a gigantic mystery, but were fairly clear and obvious. These science facts openly revealed the causations of many of the mysteries too long puzzled over by ontologists, theologists, and parapsychologists. Of course, Carl Sagan was merely, in Dragons, writing about what has been published and known for decades by neurologists and geneticists. It seemed cutting edge, but was information already out there. People were simply not making the biological connection between somewhat obscure facts and the collective world around us. Scientists are very careful, and rightly so. But when things are obvious, I see nothing wrong with open speculation. Most science begins with hypothesis, and speculative treatises. Often, through testing and experiment, they are proved inaccurate or outrightly incorrect. But, also often, they manifest as right on, and become scientific fact. Observations of phenomena are easy, but discovering the causations takes hard work and the scientific method.

In the first chapter of Dragons, Carl Sagan educated the reader of our brains in a very clear and thoughtful way. Even though most information focused on the “R Complex” (Reptilian Complex), Carl did illustrate the nature and function of our two hemispheres, the left and the right. He even pointed out how a growing number of psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists have theorized schizophrenia is the result of an overriding of the R Complex, or hindbrain, over the upper and newer neocortex. The virtually archaic brain stem (as far as cognition) seems to dictate a schizophrenic's world, in conjunction with the right non-rational right hemisphere.

I once asked a psychiatrist what he thought was the cause of such mental illnesses and overridings of the R Complex, and his reply, based on data, was “something gets up into the brain and creates a malfunction...” It's clear to me that the Reptilian Complex is also responsible for such psi manifestations as demonic possession and poltergiest agents, if we factor in psi manifestations as PK and other projections in a haunted house. I'm not saying there is not external phenomena. I am saying because of internal conditions one can find themselves on the same level or bandwidth as exterior intelligences or entities.

A lot of scientists will take the easy way out, and retreat by stating, “Oh, we know way too little about the brain to say anything as to the causation of mental illness.” I guess they are entitled to their opinion, but this is why hardly any solutions or progress has been made to truly help the victims of very common and horrible diseases. And there is always the pharmaceutical enrichment and profit motive to consider, ie., pseudo-treatment rather than cures, or at least a true picture illustrating these brain diseases. It looks as if “treatment” focuses more on “behavior” than the suffering and tragedies of the victims and their families. As of now, mental (or brain) illnesses have become a police matter and Department of Corrections (DOC) issue rather than a medical or science problem.

The late John A. Keel wrote in one of his last works, The Eighth Tower (1976), that it appears, “Some schizoids seem to be hooked up to the ESP band.” From my work, I'm convinced some – not all – mentally ill individuals are actually playing a significant role, in a mutative sense, to the evolution of our consciousness.

Mostly what is observed in an ASC is not the “spiritual” facts of humanity, but the internal workings of our brain's hemispheres or the external projections of the right or left hemispheres. All this is translating in the human condition as politics, and our religious systems of belief. Very little has anything to do with our hearts, or God. Hundreds of years of interpretation of scriptures has placed the “right” as the divine and “left wing,” or the rational hemisphere, as “anti-divine.” This “un-insight” is leading us into a state of ultimate danger as a species. Politics and economics is one thing, God's reality – which is within each and everyone of us (Paul's “Great Mystery”) - is another thing. Awareness of all this can only be valuable to us and our future.

In my close, sometimes subliminal-like observations among people and groups of people, it is clear that the two hemispheres of our brains are “warring,” or “competing,” with each other and vying for control (dualism). This is purely human, and manifests collectively as right or left-wing policies. Currently, we – mankind – are very uncoordinated when it comes to confronting our problems. This is the central reason for the human condition. It's economically based, and is traced to our unfortunate bio-polarization within every human being. If it is observed clearly, or at a so-called subliminal level, it is crystal clear.

It is what it is...

I can only trace my insight, physically, to the damage in the right side of my thalamus, which in an odd way created a complete right hemisphere dominance. Psi, which is mostly a right hemisphere function (Leap of Perception by Penney Pierce, 2013), seemed to be my primary brain function, in order to produce The Fifth Process. What came first – the damage or the ASC venture, I guess I'll never know for certain. Perhaps it was both. But that process only eliminated the Soviet/American political polarization; we have a long way to go.

As I'm sure many readers may know, if you've had biology 101, we have an organ of tissue separating our brain hemispheres called the “corpus callosum.” In quite a number of epilepsy victims, the corpus callosum seems to be malfunctioning (or plays a part in the malfunctioning), in the sense that right-left neuro-firings do not cross over, or coordinate, in a “normal” way. Often, such epileptics have a brain surgery where the organ is cut and eliminated functionally, correcting, in many cases, their disabling seizures. Because my brain damage – in the right side of the thalamus – began not long after I had that old clobbering in my face, it seemed obvious that that had the damaging effect which led to the “infarction,” or ultimate lack of blood and oxygen flow. This part of the upper brain stem is located directly behind that part of my face and nose.

Somehow, the infarction in the right part of my thalamus, caused the right hemisphere of my neocortex to become overly dominant. The result was a non-stop existence of a paranormal ASC, with mostly the manifestations of PK and telepathics, which manifested overtly as synchronicities that ran amok for years; not an occasional coincidence, but a life of uncontrollable para-chances. (I'm pretty sure I have a viable hypothesis on the causation of synchronicities, which will be revealed very soon).

That psychic realm basically is an ethereal state where the air is “thick,” and dark forces from the mind and from exterior electromagnetic energy, manifest from the id and collective unconscious. It is the world of PK and demons and various monstrosities. I had once been in that altered state, temporarily, in the mid-seventies, but had the strength and wherewithall to pull out of it. The Fifth Process lasted four years straight, and age and probably increased internal damage and psychological factors made exiting this realm a bit more difficult. So, I got to know it very well, and could learn many things, including some of the specifics and internal physiological factors on how a person can be “stuck” in this altered state.

There is no doubt, in my opinion, that a physical overriding of the Reptilian Complex (hindbrain and brain stem), is responsible for the majority of manifestations of the “devil,” or “demon” archetype. How this physical source interacts with the neocortex and its right and left hemispheres determines the nature of the manifestation – angels or devils.

“Operation Demon” did get me out of prison alive. Certainly it was the organization of my position, along with those who kept me in their thoughts that helped get me through that entire mess. And, to be honest, it was also the ten grand from my IRA that made things possible.

I'm not here in this thesis going to claim that there is no external reality to “spirits,” whether they be good or evil. In fact, I personally believe such “externals” exist and are a real part of our world and our environment. One still can't deny, however, that more and more psi relating to “spirit” manifestations can be newly learned or confirmed, and traced to the brain, mind, and nervous system.

Would one want to entrust his or her soul to the philosophical and scientific findings? It's an age-old dilemma. Nonetheless, as a psychonaut, I have to say that that hell state exists, and is a real locality. It is not that realm of The Fifth Process, however. It is deeper, and maybe even more real.

What are some of the facts concerning hell, and what could be some of the scientific explanations concerning the true nature of this state?

One thing (from what we have been taught about it) is for certain – not one of us would like to end up there...


1. There had been a program in the DOC system where interested parties could, after a year of theological studies, become an ordained Christian minister. I have a cousin – not a prison inmate – who, online, ultimately became an ordained Christian minister. Her course was very similar to the one Ray took and attained his ordination. The one exception is that Ray's course was not online as PCs and the internet are forbidden in prison.

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