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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2017

The little hairy man and the bonfire

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Huta Komorowska, near Nowa Deba, Poland
Date: May or June 1991.
Time: late afternoon

More than 30 students and teachers belonging to a third grade primary class had gone camping overnight in land belonging to the local fire department. In this area there were a lot of trees and bushes and in the middle was a fenced in area containing a gymnasium. On the first day they had lit up a bonfire under the supervision of teachers. However, there was a strong downpour in the afternoon and all the kids, including the main witness hid in the old brick firehouse to wait for the rain to pass. When the rain turned into a slight drizzle the witness and two of his friends ran to the edge of the building to check if the bonfire had been extinguished. As they did they came upon a strange, very hairy creature, hunched over, sitting by the remaining fire. They had the impression that whatever it was, it was doing something to the fire. They ran towards it for about 10 more meters when the creature, who was sitting sideways, suddenly turned to face in their direction. Terrified the witnesses stopped and began running in the other direction. As soon as they reached the brick firehouse they began screaming at the others that there was “something strange sitting by the bonfire.”

All 30 students, plus two female teachers, all rushed towards the bonfire. The strange creature sat there for a few seconds and when it saw the group coming from behind the brick building it fled into the forest. The students thought about chasing it but their fear was stronger and they changed their minds. The witness remembers that the creature had fairly large red eyes, and while sitting and hunched over it resembled a “monkey”. As it fled, into the woods the witnesses noticed that the creature was very “corpulent” in nature. As the creature left it began to rain heavily again finally extinguishing the fire. Strangely, the witnesses noticed that the area of the bonfire next to where the creature sat was burning the fiercest despite the steady rain. However, as soon as the creature left the fire died down quickly. The man is not sure how many others saw the creature besides his two friends. The distance from the creature was no less than 70 meters.

Source: http://arekmiazga.blogspot.com

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