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October 2017

Issue 235

Alternate Perceptions Audio Interview
Alien Abductions
Bret Oldham
by: Brent Raynes

Alternate Perceptions Audio Interview
Ancients Mounds of Alabama
Dr. Harry O. Holstein
by: Brent Raynes

Spiritual Beliefs & Practices of America’s Ancient Mound Builders-Part 1
by: Dr. Greg Little

The Psychic Who Saved the World
by: Nomar Slevik

The Fifth Process
Chapter Four
by: Stan Morrison

Reality Checking
UFOs and Religious Apparitional Phenomena
by: Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown
Strange Creatures (Djinn?) near Tunis
by: Albert S. Rosales

Classic Mysteries
Rundown on the Great 1973 UFO Wave
by: Rick Hilberg

New Book Reviews
by: Brent Raynes

Electronic Letters to the Editor

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Nibiru: How the nonsense Planet X Armageddon and NASA fake news theories spread globally

A Socorro Student Hoax?

Mysterious sonic attacks on US diplomats in Cuba

Editor Brent Raynes interview on KCMO's Wendy's Coffeehouse

Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis, Hall of Records, & Archaeo-astronomy Alignments of Mounds & Earthworks—Interview with Greg & Lora Little

Modern humans emerged more than 300,000 years ago

FINALLY! Something that’s been known for more than a decade: Brazil’s earthworks similar to the Hopewell

America’s “UFO Highway”

Arkansas Star-Gate Event, November 2017: Earth-Keepers with Graham Hancock, Sidney Friedman, David Childress, Greg & Lora Little, & more!

Autographed copy (2999 0f 3000) of First Edition: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds & Earthworks



Path of Souls

The Lost Hall of Records

On the Edge of Reality


The Search of Edgar Crace's Atlantis DvD

The Yucatan Hall of Records

Ancient Mound Builders

Alien Energy: UFOs, Ritual Landscapes and the Human Mind


Path of Souls

New Book

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Indian Mounds & Earthworks


Path of Souls


Visitors from Hidden Realms

Ancient South America

Denisovan Origins

Freedom To Change: Why You Are The Way You Are and What You Can Do About It

Native American Mounds in Alabama: An Illustrated Guide to Public Sites

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