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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2017

The Fifth Process
Chapter Three

by: Stan Morrison

Author's note: Chapters three and four cover the time period from 1980 to the early 1990s.

Oklahoma is a very interesting state. It has sort of everything, being a midsouthern state with forested mountains in the southeast, hilly prairie and woods throughout, and major cities west and east – Oklahoma City and Tulsa. And even though I was born there, I had to really learn about the state as I was a state outdoor writer, publishing features on the outdoors with The Daily Oklahoman and the state's magazine, Oklahoma Today. This is not to mention my six-year-long Okmulgee weekly column, and pieces here and there throughout the state in local papers.

Oklahoma also has its fair share of UFOs, strange creatures, and a variety of paranormal and fortean phenomena. I'd end up having experiences with all these types in Oklahoma.

I remember when settling in Morris, I got into metal detecting and would ride my mountain bike on the rough roads outside of town – seeking locations that may have gone untouched by other hunters. About six or seven miles outside of Morris, on a highway that was basically never used because of the interstate that connected Okmulgee and Morris, I saw in the distance a huge outdoor screen of a drive-in. I had heard about this, but having been closed down for a number of years, I figured the whole place was demolished or only a mere fragment of what it once was. I soon learned, as I rode my bike into the entrance, that it was quite intact, just vacated and abandoned. Even though one could see nobody had been there in years, everything was perfectly whole. There was no trash or anything. Surrounding the location for three or four miles, there was nothing but open land. The snackbar, the playground at the base of the huge screen were all there and showed no sign of being completely unattended. But the place had closed almost ten years prior. It was not a ghost town, but a ghost drive-in theater.

It was clear I didn't need my new White's metal detector to find coins, since all the rows of asphalt were mostly unbroken and solid. In the end, all I had to do was walk the rows, scan the ground and collect numerous quarters, dimes, and nickels. All the money was lying there on the surface. I must have ridden out of there at sundown with well over thirty dollars in change. A lot of the coins were pre-1960. Oklahoma is an interesting place, indeed.

“Nervous system linkage,” contrary to what I have previously described, is somewhat different than morphic fields, in that it is “in your face” and the entirely objective nature of the connection and phenomena are clear and obvious. As with the coins at the drive-in, “nervous system linkage” is evident on the “surface.”

Since my move to Morris, conditions were perfect for writing articles and notes and “moving” into a psychic linkage. I no longer travelled with mom on a regular basis as my duties were maintaining the household, e.g., mowing the lawn, upholding the place by paying bills and putting monies (checks) into the bank in Okmulgee. By that time, I owned a small truck, which also came in handy for my local writing efforts and all that goes along with that business. But, more importantly, being the “captain of the ship” it gave me the liberty to seek a long-sought goal of reaching a psychic altered state where what I call “app-psi” (applied psychic phenomena) could be initiated, and extreme changes in the outer world as a whole would happen.

As I wrote in Chapter One, the whole concept and purpose – with the exception or minus a physical technological source in my case – was best described by retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden in Brad Steiger's Gods of Aquarius: UFOs and the Transformation of Man (1976). He called for such “nervous system linkage” artificially resulting in the same universal effect. In my case, it was managed by a “PK agent.” But the agent had to play by the rules by submitting oneself to an altered state that involved a telepathic psychodrama where deep, and sometimes wholly subconscious states and realities (archetypal) were the actions that determined the direction of the altered state, and the entire effect and ultimate result. The successful result determined as to whether or not we would avoid extinction in the nuclear weapons age.

Bearden's process, entitled “Quiton/Perception Physics: A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena,” and “Field, Formon, Superspace, and Inceptive Cyborg: A Paraphysical Theory of Noncausal Phenomena” was thoroughly outlined in Steiger's book, and was originally published in The Psychic Observer, which is printed by the Mind Science Center. Tom Bearden published numerous papers in this highly respectable journal; all his papers here were highly advanced parapsychological or psychotronic treatises that revealed basic yet profound data concerning our planet and man's true nature and responsibilities as one of its inhabitants.

Bearden's way of achieving the result of “linkage” and its positive effect was technologically and electronically based, while the “Fifth Process” and my manner of achieving the same result was through “psychonautics” and remote “app-psi” through a specific medium, which will be revealed soon.

Before I explain in great detail the “Experience” of linkage and the four-year-long effort regarding the inner space adventure, I feel it must be stated that what I've termed the “Fifth Process” is documented and was delivered to my peers in paranormal research in a two-day lecture in Phoenix, Arizona, in the early 1990s. I don't think I'm jumping ahead, but merely stressing that the issue was real and not merely a “vision quest trip.”

During the 1980s, I published a number of pieces for Timothy Green Beckley (Global Communication/Inner light Publications, and sponsor of the lecture conference) in a couple of his magazines, a few relating to the “Fifth Process.” These published “records” first partly appeared in my long-time friend and first-rate researcher Brent Raynes's publication, Para-UFOlogy Forum. We first became acquainted in the early 1980s through correspondence initiated by the letters section in FATE Magazine. His journal Alternate Perceptions, which grew from Forum, has been well-received and respected in hard copy and current web or internet form.

In one issue of Para-UFOlogy Forum dated July 1985, I received a distinguished feedback concerning The Fifth Process from the late Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz, a world-renowned psychiatrist and parapsychologist. The article in question contained only phenomena observed during my project – not its purpose or result. The following is his letter from the July 1985 issue of Para-UFOlogy Forum: “By understanding the intricasies of your own mind as the telepathics unfold, many of the so-called synchronistic events – which are really unadulterated telepathy – come into focus and become much more involved and exciting. It is great that you have provided a forum for Stan Morrison and undoubtedly he'll be submitting many more articles. In the past, I told Brad Steiger to write more about his own experiences in view of his various studies. As Stan Morrison indicates and as is obvious in all of these cases, the experimenter is part of the experiment. Incidentally, Stan's art work is excellent...”

At the invitation of Tim Beckley in the early 1990s, I assembled my thesis and attended the “Consciousnes/UFO Transformation Conference” in Phoenix.

As I was driving my mother's 1973 huggar orange racing corvette, with a 427 hemi engine, I slowed at an intersection and yellow light. I must have been going only five miles an hour when a strawberry blonde seemingly walked purposefully in front of me from the right and “fell” into the vette. When she looked up she saw me, then screamed, “Stan!” She had a smile on her face but I didn't recognize her. In moments, she was at my window and proceeded to carry on a conversation once I had rolled the window down. I acted as if I knew her, while traffic behind me was building up and I was just waiting for horns to honk. I told her to get in. We knew each other from somewhere. I asked her if she would like to attend a UFO conference. “Yea, sure,” she said. “I'm not doing anything, really.” The light turned green and I went on, with my new/old friend in the passenger seat. She seemed harmless enough, so I didn't see how it could hurt if she came along and attended the conference.

As I pulled into the Holiday Inn, where the conference was highlighted on the marguee - “UFO Consciousness Transformation Conference” - and set in large black letters, I wondered if bringing this young woman along was the right thing to do. She seemed to be very personable, but I still didn't know where she knew me. It was too late now, so I went full-fledged, along with my new/old friend, into the complex.

After I filled out my credential badge at a long table and proceeded to walk into the reception area, I immediately recognized speaker Brad Steiger sitting on a chair, and probably awaiting his time to deliver his address on his latest book.

Because I was such an admirer of Brad's, I walked directly up to him, introduced myself, and told him that “Gods of Aquarius” was the best book ever written on the UFO phenomenon. He chuckled as he shook my hand. All of a sudden, I hear, “Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?” Even though I still didn't know her name, I introduced my strawberry blonde acquaintance to Brad Steiger, and she shook his hand, while commenting on how attractive he was. I felt ridiculous.

I recognized several UFO writer/researchers, and noticed that the assembly was not at all the type of people one might expect at a “flying saucer symposium,” but individuals of a class or caliber one would expect at any science conference. No crackpots here.

I found a seat in the audience and listened to several lectures until it was my turn to deliver my address. It seems my strawberry blonde friend was nowhere to be found. She apparently left. My paper (or the first part of the paper) was entitled, The Fifth Process: A Psychotronic Passport To Man's Survival In The New Millennium; Human Extinction, Parapsychonautics, And The Power Of An Imbalanced Right Hemisphere. I have to admit I was a bit surprised when, judging by the response from the audience, that the paper and my delivery, went quite well. This was the first time I had done this, and I was very pleased. The next day I delivered Part Two, and it also went well. This part two was entitled, The Fifth Process: Psychic Mutations, UFOs, And The Evolution Of Man – Were Other Forces Involved In The Fifth Process?

I had once been asked by a Women's Club to be a speaker when I was a teenager living in L.A. The subject was parapsychology and I had to decline the invitation; I didn't feel I had yet paid my dues. There were plenty of others who could fill the bill. In August of 2008, I re-published the Fifth Process paper in Brent Raynes's Alternate Perceptions online magazine.

So, the Fifth Process is documented. But the four-year psychonautic venture, with all its horrible tragedies, brilliant successes, and keen details, are not fully documented. This is the purpose of this chapter.

My office in Morris was perfect. I didn't exactly have an isolation tank, but I did have a nice, long couch. In the middle of the room was my desk on which sat my IBM Selectric. On most of one side of the room were my selves, and well over five hundred books. A file cabinet was to my left, where data was stored in a semi-organized fashion. In front of the couch was a coffee table with a glass surface. The rest of the room consisted of a closet, and quite a number of articles and other visuals hanging on the walls. To the right of the book shelves was a window. Even in front of the window was a small book shelf. It was several inches below the sill of the window. The room was fairly open for a small back bedroom.

At the window side of the room, down in the corner, was an electrical socket where I had a small night light.

Since I had a pretty good idea and good reason to enter an altered state, the Fifth Process opportunity was here, there. It was 1981, and because of the “new directions” in parapsychology, I felt I understood the proper “mindset” for ASCs.

All the lights in the entire house were off...except the little night light in the corner. I got comfortable on the couch. It was eight or nine o'clock at night, and my mind was fairly clear. My attention was focused on the little light in the edge of the room. After maybe ten minutes, the light seemed to revolve, but in an awkward, imbalanced manner. It soon turned into a “merry-go-round,” and as I gazed, horses began to image. It continued to revolve and turn for several minutes, it seemed, until I broke out of it, jumped up, and switched on the light.

It only took this visual to realize something had changed. I had allowed an unknown part of me to take over. Things were different, no doubt. I no longer felt alone, but like an impression of something larger.

Most generally, “psychokinesis” (or “telekinesis”) is only thought of as such phenomena as “bending spoons” or other direct manipulations of physical material. The fact is, it happens every day, all around us in society, when we influence matter, including other people. Here, psychokinesis manipulation involves emotion and the “bending of other people's wills.” When this is done remotely, psychokinesis is seen for what it is – an “energy linkage” between biosystems and, in the case of humans, personalities. It is not “paranormal” but “normal,” even though it is classed as non-causative or non-local.

It is a sub-energy, and often sub-conscious. Sometimes, if one knows what to look at, it is fully conscious, but most of the time we just don't know what to call it or be attentive to it in interaction. Our right brain hemisphere decides, autonomically, at this point and we merely shift our attention. It happens very quickly and we don't really understand it verbally. It's very natural and intuitive. If patient and know what to look for, it can be clearly observed by head and body tilts (indicating which brain hemisphere is in command) and other body language.

If one is a “psi focus” or agent, and is more or less submerged at that level and linked, one can directly and remotely manage the body language, and therefore control the idiom of others and communications between people. It's most exciting when it is done remotely, for the actions are occurring non-locally, where time and space are no longer a hinderance. Here, one can experience and observe true time travel. Psychokinesis manipulation can occur not only from a distance, but also in the past – if one has a viable target.

When one is at these “hyper-states,” one is experiencing the “quantum entanglements,” where “reality” begins to unravel. This seems to be the realm of the great majority of deceased life forms, and the bandwidth of pure psychokinesis (PK).

In ancient times people used to peer into an “oracle,” to see into other realms and the future, or communicate with “spirits” or other intelligences. Sometimes this could be water surfaces, or a mirror or a crystal. From this we have “crystal balls.” Used by mystics and spiritualists for ages, they evidentally could see clearly images of events, people, and gods.

Today, man has something akin to a crystal ball. In the 1980s, even when there was no internet or streaming video, and when I conducted The Fifth Process, there was a better crystal ball technology – television. This “window to the world” included the fairly new medium of universal cable, and news was happening to the observer in real time. The past, in movies, etc., was crystal clear.

Since the early beginning of television, individuals, mostly the mentally ill, have reported (or reported by psychiatrists) being “connected” to personalities, actors, etc., on the tube. These “percipients” acted and reacted to all kinds of television, as if they were part of the shows. All that could be discerned was that they were “talking to the TV or radio.” This was mentioned in the movie, The Exorcist (1973), when the priest's mother, dying and suffering from senility, was displaying this dementia as she was in a mental hospital, and mentally decaying.

It's important to quote Brad Steiger in Gods of Aquarius, towards the end of his volume on UFOs and the paranormal:

“The UFO phenomenon, coupled with global television for global psychodrama, provides us with a global network and a global theater where the chorus, the actors, the audience and the act again become one, as was the case in the Greek plays. These human plays are symbolic action, which provide us with meaning of the Universe and of life.”

It was no coincidence that in Spielberg's “Poltergeist” (1980), that the ectoplasmic phenomenon entered through the TV via the daughter's level of awareness – the almost subsonic whispers and almost subliminal images and movements in the electromagnetic “snow” on the TV screen. It wasn't contrived, but based on sound parapsychology

As I said, these almost subliminal states, are at the edge of “quantum entanglements,” where time, space, and reality are not what they seem in the everyday world.

I've noticed that in the popular literature and especially cable TV shows on ghosts and hauntings, that Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is a huge part of present investigations, and an exhibiting evidence in their TV shows. There's no doubt they are collecting genuine psi, but, of course, the viewer (or listener) can become a bit confounded when they are stressed to perceive voices and statements that are subliminal or mostly subliminal. To be honest, most of their stuff – even though probably legitimate – is not very good over the TV, and can prompt viewers and listeners to doubt the phenomenon.

Back in the 1980s, even during The Fifth Process, I reluctantly went into the field, and accompanied a group of Oklahoma bigfoot witnesses into the “sticks,” as a mere investigation of their reports. It is a long and depressing story on how I ended up with these guys, right at that time, in a dark, spooky bottoms area of Nowata, Oklahoma. I had been well aware of this “haunted region,” and even interviewed other witnesses in nearby Watova for my column, and my personal interest.

In any event, there were four of us camping in a spot that was about eight miles out of Nowata. There was virtually nothing around us for miles, and my companions, two of which claimed close encounters with bigfoot creatures in this area, decided to build a large fire, and not do much of anything other than go back over their personal sightings and experiences with a “tall, hairy monster.” I had known there were sightings of such creatures in the area, so I was not surprised they may have had real encounters here. Only about fifty feet or so from where we were, was a barely visible, very old cemetary, with a number of headstones dating back to the late 1800s. There were none any later than the early 1900s. They weren't that noticeable because of overgrowth and vegetation. Local legend had it that this was an old “American Indian burial ground,” but from cursery research, I learned this was actually a very old “African American” cemetary. Discussions eventually turned to this “graveyard,” and after I informed my group that it was actually African American and not American Indian, I pulled out my cassette tape recorder from my pack and told my companions that if they were to place it among the antiquated headstones, and let the tape record until it was completed, they would probably get some EVP recordings.

One of the individuals did this, and after 45 minutes or so he went and retrieved the recorder and brought it back to our site. They all sat silently and anxiously as he re-wound the tape and then pressed play. Almost immediately, perhaps fiftenn or twenty seconds, we listened as the recorder loudly played “bump-bump...bump-bump...bump-bump...” Clearly, to all of us, we agreed that that was a “beating heart.” I also thought it was probably mechanical, or some sound created by my cheap machine. Nonetheless, it was unmistakable and definitely not subliminal (the “beating heart” recording was about six or seven seconds in duration).

I personally do not think it is very wise to invite others to reach beyond our natural threshold of perception, yet this seems to be the main form of evidence presented in the cable haunting investigation shows. Unless one understands and is willing and with a good reason to cross that threshold, the focus shouldn't be on phenomena that can give one a hernia simply to witness it. Or perhaps a lot worse.

I've used the term “psychokinetic manipulation” to describe my intended intentions, but perhaps the more accurate designation is “psychokinetic (PK) mediation.” “PK mediation” suggests a more unconscious, remote arrangement as a causative factor in the phenomena. After the hallucinatory “merry-go-round” experience, I did notice a change in my cognition. My sense of self was different. It seemed I was now part of something larger, and an expression of this larger whole. It did not seem to externalize beyond others (of my species), and project into my environment. But I was still anchored in the “real” world and had what could be described as an “omni-objective awareness.” The year was 1981 and it was an interesting balancing act.

I have to admit I was immersed in the psi world, and I simply could be on this bandwidth, for the lack of a better word, and not force telepathy, PK, etc. I was there, and so was everyone and everything else. I couldn't pull out of this completely by a mere shift of thought. And I didn't want to; not yet. Egotistically, I said to myself, “Gee, I deserve a medal.” I never kept notes, as in a diary. All of my notes were only on significant aspects of psi functioning: what were the dynamics and mechanics of an occurrence, and what seemed the broader picture of the entire consciousness scheme. These were either published at the time or destroyed later.

During the entire year of 1981, I had an article in a magazine that was, apparently, the last hold-out of the sixties favorite, TRUE Magazine, “The Man's Magazine.” It featured non-fiction pieces, but here the focus was on the paranormal and space topics. It was titled, TRUE Outer Space and Paranormal World Quarterly.

The first article I wrote for this journal was a first-person story on my 1973 UFO encounter, and some of the other experiences, such as the probable monster confrontation in Chino. During the time I was writing this article, I would sometimes focus on the wall directly to my left, where on the living room wall my mom had hung a weird monkey figure made from a coconut. I don't know where she got it, but, when I would break from thoughts and paragraphs, I would glance at this monkey, which was sort of out-of-place among the rest of the décor.

When the article, which was a cover feature entitled, “Adventures of a Paranormal Researcher,” was published a few months later, I was amazed when on the second page and covering a full half-page was the same coconut monkey. A couple of relatives who read this article there both said, “Hey, there's that monkey!” In the photo it was sitting with a chained medalion around its neck. I then remembered when I once said to myself that I deserved a medal after attaining a seemingly paranormal altered state. In front of the monkey in the photograph sat a little sign. On it read: “Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?” This was an old classic reflection by George Bernard Shaw.

To psychiatrists and others, this is what is known as a “veridical hallucination.” But in this case, it was obvious objectively to a few relatives. Perhaps better terminology would be synchronicity or co-occurrence. These terms, however, do not tell us much. It will become more apparent as we venture further into The Fifth Process. After more paranormal events, a psychodrama was clearly afoot.

Perhaps the most common occurrences, day and night, were the “hard slams” on the outside wall, which always happened on the east side of the house. It was very clear there were “hits,” as if a giant fist hauled off and whacked the outer wall. Very early on at this newly built house, my mother had the living room extended into where there was once a garage. The garage was eliminated, greatly enlarging the inside of the home. A free-standing fireplace was added, and also a very modern, new bathroom with tub. This was at the rear of this new addition.

I would be writing/editing a story, which was neatly spread out on a large glass dining room table, and seemingly as if in queue to a certain thought process, “Bang!” I eventually became used to it. (Of course I did, early on, check the outside to see if there was some outside cause. There was no logical or mundane explanation.)

I have said that my psychic state could not be re-altered by merely a shift of thought. But I had my local weekly column to write. I soon found that my attention and focus on this did indeed help me further integrate back into objectivity and a somewhat normal state of cognition.

I well remember my first column, which was a two-parter, on Bigoot sightings in Oklahoma. It was well received, and I got the job of writing the weekly paranormal column. The first one, on Bigfoot, I physically took to The Exposure office in Okmulgee, seven miles from Morris. After the second or third column, I received a call from the editor who said, “Why don't you come down and write with us.” Perhaps I was paranoid, but I declined anyway. I envisioned being assigned to cover football games or even local women's groups concerned about local politics, or perhaps even fund-raising bake-offs. Don't get me wrong. I highly respect the institution and importance of small, local papers. But I deeply felt I had other obligations, such as being a stringer for the Outdoor Column of The Daily Oklahoman, which was edited by Covey Bean, a well-known outdoor writer. And my freelance work, both state and national. And, I did have my personal project of The Fifth Process, an applied psychic endeavor that I felt then, and now, was perhaps more important than all of the above. At the time, it didn't take an Einstein to see its significance if successfully carried out. Before I detail what exactly the “process” was, how it was conducted, and the altered state world where it all transpired, I'd like to report on some of the psi that occurred that further led to the project's true inception.

At certain times, while writing or doing something else, things became misplaced all too often. Then suddenly the phone would ring. I'd get up, go into the kitchen, and answer the phone. On some occasions, there would be silence. But it sure felt as if there was someone on the other end of that line. Other times, there was a loud, ear-piercing, non-stop electronic scream. This didn't occur once or twice, but innumerable times. I wasn't a novice to the paranormal or experiential parapsychology. It was like being in a John A. Keel book. All I needed now was the “Men In Black” to show up.

One afternoon I had an acquaintance from Okmulgee over, and we were sitting at the broad, long glass table talking about matters unconcerning to anything important. I was sipping some Jack Daniels, when one of the fist slams only feet to our right jolted this guy to his feet, shouting, “What the hell was that?!” All I could tell him was that I was unsure, and that it happened all the time. I think I calmed him down, who knows? He never did come back... I had heard of such things before (slams on the walls), in some documentation, so it was pretty interesting to me. At that time, 1983, the odd phone calls, etc., continued.

When I would break from typical maintenance (house and yard work) or writing, I would watch cable TV, and I found it so cool. I had 24/7 news, music videos, and movies, some very new releases.

One evening, I was embroiled in watching some show, when from down the hall flew a small object right into the living room and landed to the left on the floor as I sat on the couch. I got up, looked down the darkened hall towards my office, and then proceeded to find out where the object had come from. I turned on the lights of all the rooms, and hall, and, of course, no one was in either mom's bedroom or my office at the end of the hall. I went back into the living room to find the object. It was a small trinket/figurine of no real significance, but I identified it as an object in mom's room. Clearly, in order for it to fly into the living room, it had to make a right-angle turn, go down the hall, and end up on the floor in the living room. This happened again on another occasion, a week or so later, but this small object seemed to come from my office. You know, I can't recall what the small objects were. I didn't focus on that, only on how they “flew” from the back rooms.

Only a few days later, while watching television, I felt as if a huge and powerful “tide” was occurring within my being. (1) I was still cognizant, but this psychic affect carried me aloft mentally into an obvious altered state of awareness. I was and am well aware many readers will suspect purely sinister external forces of possession (and this is to be expected). And, of course, this is the energy level of psychokinesis. What I was excited about was that PK, and perhaps “PK linkage” seemed to be achieved. The recurrence of the sense of being a psychic cog in the subjective (internal) and objective (external) universal was reached. I had not been paranoid, nor overly curious about the phenomena I had witnessed. I immediately found, after merely “willing” it with a wave of my hand, that I could cause the nearby lamps, or bulbs, to dim, then re-brighten.

When I peered around the room, and finally on the TV, I realized I was “connected” to the environment, and especially to individuals and personalities on the television. They knew what I was thinking instantly, telepathically or some kind of thought-transference. Or it was psychokinesis confirming the “telepathic” belief. I realized others have had to have had such an experience and impression. The only data I could muster was that of “mental patients,” schizophrenics and those in psychosis; none from shamans, or psychics, or other psychonauts. I still knew and believed, whether it be PK or telepathy or both, this is where I needed to be. Contact. Let's begin the hyperspacial psychonautic psi mediation. This was not wholly a conscious thought, but as I watched more shows, I couldn't help not becoming reactive and involved.

I did have a model to follow – the triune nature and structure of our brains which can reveal which section is in control at any given moment – but the emersion in the psychodrama/virtual states was so deep, personal control was not easy. Besides, this is the state and level where I wanted to be connected. I had to play the game.

One thing I did notice is that the extra-personal psychodrama followed mostly right or left cerebral hemisphere dominance; and that I could control this at will with remote PK mediation and “emotive volition.” I could control the target's thought processes – through linkage – and subliminally pilot their left-right body language. This meant anyone watching this could be managed.

It seemed as if the interconnected phenomenon was telepathic (as stated). Again, it didn't matter. The mere belief in telepathic control, could prompt a psychokinetic effect supporting that belief. The management was remote and purely mechanical. I was a remote subliminal artist. Because at that level where the effect happened was below the common threshold of perception, no matter what the contact was or the contact's statements or rhetoric, the body language (head tilts, etc.) would have an eventual effect on the viewer. Other subliminals were sub-visual, projected pinpoints of light, right or left. These projections were accomplished just as I was able to make the light bulbs dim, only that it was remote via quantum entanglement, and hyperspace (or the X Realm), and at a different level of the neurological system. I had not lost my marbles completely, but was experiencing a subjective inner space that mostly is described in allegorical terms.


(1) At that instance, I leaned forward, peering at the oracle, TV, etc., saw there was real consciousness linkage, then suddenly apparitional “flames” erupted before me. They were ectoplasmic and not issuing any heat. They subsided after approximately two seconds.

“Tongues of flame” are a very archetypal manifestation. You'll find in the New Testament an instance of “tongues of flame” manifesting above the heads of the apostles at Pentecost. Since then, flames have manifested at all kinds of events, usually in the presence of, or appearing with, certain individuals.

About this time, I sat back in the couch, glanced to my left, and an apparition crossed the hallway. It seemed to come from one wall to another. The entity was wearing a sort of nightgown, but I didn't see any facial features. It was not my mother. It was only one of many visuals during The Fifth Process.

The telepathic impressions, or observations, have long been explained as thought processes happening so fast that it looks like others are “reading your thoughts.” This could be very true and accurate, but the mere belief in the perception manifests synchronicities. That's when psychokinesis is at play. Virtual reality states (belief in the perceptions and cognition) become objective but only supported by psychokinesis. This is enough in the subjective, psychic realm.

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